I can't believe it!  30 days until I am MARRIED!  Honestly, I can't tell if i'm excited, nervous, anxious, or just completely over it..  It has been a very stressful year putting this all together, and I didn't get nearly as much help from my "other half" as I thought I would..  Don't get me wrong, he's been great..  He just doesn't know what he's supposed to do!  So it has been a lot on my shoulders.  But, either way, I know I just need to relax, and enjoy the day..  It'll all come together and be wonderful!

On top of planning the initial wedding, we are going on an AMAZING honeymoon!  We are flying in to Amsterdam, spending two nights there..  Then we are flying to Barcelona for 4 nights, and then to Italy where we will stay in Florence for a night. From there, we will take a train up to Levanto, which is in the Cinque Terre.  We will stay there for 6 nights, then fly back to Amsterdam for one more night, then head home.  It's going to be such a great adventure!  But we still have a lot of planning for that to do that we haven't had time for! 
We are leaving just two days after the wedding, and I can't wait!  I'm so excited for it to just be the two of us on this trip for two whole weeks.. Traveling, drinking wine, visiting museums, going to the beach, and some Moto GP races in Barcelona (that's his thing).. It will be incredible.
Ahhhh I'm just overwhelmed with all that I have ahead of me.  This is going to be a crazy-busy month!


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