So, I'm a little late on this, since I wanted to do this post before Christmas.  But, better late than never!

I was thinking about gifts for the impossible..  those people who you want to give something to, to show them that you love them and be thoughtful, but really, they don't need/want anything!  I have a lot of people like that in my life.. so I tried to think outside the box this year!

I decided to try some Lip Scrub!  Honestly, this was sooooo super easy!  And if you wanted to buy lip scrub, it'll cost you like $20-$50!  That's crazy!

All I did was mix together:
1 Cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of melted organic coconut oil
1/8 cup of Honey
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

You kind of find the consistency that you prefer.  I bought little plastic mini jars from Target, and stuffed it in there!  Because it's perishable, they do say to not use it longer than a month.  I keep mine in my shower, and use it then!  It tastes amazing, and it's not limited to your kissers!  Use it anywhere that's dry.. I wash my hands with it, rub it on my elbows.. I love it!

Also, you can change it up if you choose!  Instead of going with vanilla, add some lemon.  Or maybe some peppermint if that's your flavor!  I love sweet.. vanilla and sugar.  My cousins told me it's better than Lush Costmetics!

For a Christmas gift, I paired it with Eos Lip balms and wrapped it in pretty tulle!
 photo BeFunky_sigjpg_zpsdaf10c08.jpg

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  1. Ooooooh! I have all of these ingredients in my house.right now-- perfect timing too with the cold weather! Just awful for your skin and lips! Thanks!


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