Since I broke my knee and found out I'm knocked up, my dear mother has all of a sudden been extra maternal!  Especially right after surgery, she was over every day helping with laundry, making fresh smoothies, and busting out my juicer to make fresh organic juices!  I've been loving it, of course!

I am lucky enough to not have had much for morning sickness.  I had waves of queasiness,  but nothing too serious.  Everyone says ginger-ale is great for nauseousness (which I always drank when I'd get the stomach flu growing up).  But I don't drink soda..  ever.  Read the ingredients.. It's nasty!  The concept is great, but then they add so many sick chemicals.  No thank you!  Me and my baby will pass on that!

So, my mom and I decided to make our own!

All we did was:
Juice about an inch of fresh organic ginger root
Add juice from one lemon
Mix in about a tablespoon of organic honey or pure maple syrup (We used honey.  You can add more depending on how sweet you'd like it!)
Top it off with charged water

This recipe made enough for my mom and I to each have about a cup of juice.

Seriously, it turned out soooo good!  Refreshing and delicious, and totally helps to ease any upset stomach.

Not to mention that Ginger is really good for you!  It can help regulate your digestive system, is known to help with morning sickness, helps your body to absorb nutrients, and even more that you can read about here.

... and we all know the benefits of fresh lemon, right?  All of the natural antiviral and antibacterial qualities, plus they're obviously high in Vitamin C,  and acts as a natural detox, specifically to the liver (which we could all use once in a while!)

So, enjoy, because this natural Ginger-ale is delicious!
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