Mine and Chase's one year anniversary is already right around the corner!  I just can't believe all the time that has gone by, and all the things we've done in this past year.

We've been trying to plan something fun, and being that it's s three day weekend, we considered a camping weekend, filled with some hiking, canoeing, and relaxing.  Just us.  Under the stars.  I was really starting to look forward to that.

And then last weekend was one of his race weekends.  If I haven't mentioned before, Chase and my brother race sport bikes (crotch rockets, whatever you want to call it..) It's pretty crazy, and they go so fast.  Chase is actually really good, and won the first race of the season!  His second race was tight, and he was battling another racer for first place.  He started to get a little bit too greedy with speed, and he ended up crashing pretty bad!  I missed it, thank goodness.  I hate to see crashes, especially if it's my husband or my brother!  But my dad saw it and said he flew 20 feet in the air!  What's amazing is the gear they have on and how well it protects them.  At the end of everything, he broke three bones on the top of his foot.  So, he'll be scootin' around for the next 4-6 weeks.  There goes hiking and camping for our anniversary!  He's having a hard enough time getting around our split level house!

Poor guy.  

So, we'll have to come up with something else to do to celebrate.  

I haven't been blogging much because I have been busy, but at the same time haven't had too much worth writing about.  I'm working on painting a dresser, but have yet to finish it.  I will post that soon though!

Otherwise, just planning some parties for this summer, and starting to plan more of our trip in November!
Chase and I will also be starting our date nights, since our summers get so busy.  I'm excited to come up with new, fun and cheap ways to spend time together.


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