Onesies by ashtinasellers on Polyvore

           Of course, with the baby on the way, I just can't stop browsing the cutest baby things!
It's still a few weeks until I find out if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl..  and I can't wait for that!  But these onesies I think are adorable for eitherl!

1.  Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel-I love this song, I love this onesie!

2.  Old Navy-Party Naked-Old Navy has some pretty funny and inexpensive onesies!  Who doesn't like to party naked?!?

3.  My Mom Doesn't Want Your Advice-This one cracks me up.  Nice and to the point!  Why do all women feel the need to tell you how to handle things?  This has already started for me.. But sometimes you just want to find your own path!

4. Old Navy Pants are Overrated-Another goodie from Old Navy.  I don't know why I find these so funny!  And it's only $5!  Can't beat that!

5. Locally Grown (Minnesota)-Enough Said!  I love this one.

This was my first time working with Polyvore, and I'm pretty sure I did it completely wrong, but whatever!

Nothing else has been new with me...I'm just entering my second trimester and i'm feeling great!  I've got a tiny little 14 week bump.  Chase really noticed it for the first time the other day and his heart dropped...  We're so excited!  I'm starting to walk without my crutches, too!  My leg still isn't very strong though, so I've been working hard on some exercises to get it back to tip-top shape!  I need to be able to carry around some extra pounds soon!

Chase and I have also started working on the baby room..  painting and changing the trim.  It used to be my "closet room" so now we're pretty tight on any extra space..  but I guess I better get used to that, because I'm pretty sure it'll only get worse!

Spring is finally (almost?!) here.. I'm soooooo ready for some sunshine in my life!



  1. Those onesies are awesome! Goodness, I could waste so much money on children's clothing -__- HAHA. But, it's all so cute! And mini! I can't wait to meet your little one! And congrats on almost being rid of the crutches! yay! Also- bump pictures soon OKAY?

    1. I never thought I'd want to spend so much money on baby clothes! I know they grow out of them so fast, but it's my first.. and I'm just so excited! Haha! I'm sure it'll pass, but right now, I won't mind spending too much money on silly onesies. I just love them!
      Bump pictures will happen soon! My bump is just mini right now, I'm hoping it'll pop soon!


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