I haven't written anything in a while, mostly because I've just been pretty busy!  The weather has been perfect, we've been having so much fun!

One thing that I've been trying to do more often now that Everly is a little bigger, is to practice more sensory activities.  Sensory activities is sooo good for your babies development.. in all different aspects!  It helps build language, cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, and supports social interaction.  Plus, there's so many fun and easy (and cheap!) ways to play!

I recently bought a blow up pool, which has been so much fun on it's own.  But while it was empty the other day, I wanted to have a little fun with it!

I picked up some organic plain yogurt and food coloring!  I just mixed up four different colors in a baking pan.  I was a little skeptical out about using food coloring, but I figured she wouldn't really be eating much of it.  And because I used yogurt, I was right.  She tried a little, but it was a pretty bitter yogurt, so she wasn't into it. 

However, she loved playing with it!  She got so messy and was slipping and sliding all over the place!  We also played with a bucket of water and some bath toys.. Just can't go wrong getting a little messy!  

Does anyone have any sensory activities that I should try?
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