My Three Biggest Fears:
They freak me out more than ANYTHING.  I actually thought about posting a picture, but the thought of googling pictures of them freaks me out in itself..  When I see them on tv (animal planet or discovery) it's guarenteed i'll have nightmares about them.  I'm not sure what it is..  I've tried to overcome this.  Last year, I was fishing with Chase down by the river..  He said "Look!  A snake!"  it was slithering across one of the streams over to him..  so he picked it up with a stick and was trying to show me..  I went HYSTERICAL.  I truly disapointed myself, to me honest..  It probably would have been a pretty funny scene for anyone else to see me freak out like that at a tiny, slithery creature that was probably 20 feet away from me.  But I just couldn't help myself.  This isn't just a fear, this is a phobia. 
I am getting married in 5 weeks.  Ever since I became engaged, all that I hear about is divorce!  People would actually say to me "Oh.. good luck" in a sarcastic tone, or comments like "Don't waste all your money on a wedding.. it never lasts.."  First of all, I can't believe these rude and bitter people who had the audacity to say those things to my face, when I am thrilled about being engaged to a man who I love.  Second, I believe in marriage.  I believe that it is something that you need to work very, very hard at.  I feel like Chase and I have already had to go through many rocky moments, and we haven't even had children yet.  However, we do very well at communicating to each other.  Maybe not right away, maybe it takes a while.. a few tries.. a few weeks until we are on the same page again.  But we don't give up, because we know that is the person that we want to share our lives with.  I do believe that people give up on marriage much easier than they used to.  And I think it's sad.  The day my Grandma passed away and I saw my Grandpa touching the casket, I knew that was real.  They were with each other straight out of high school and started having children.  Of course, they went through some very tough times.  I'm sure at times they didn't like each other at all, but at the end, that is your life partner.  And you shouldn't give up on that.
So, Divorce.  I'm afraid of it. 
*To anyone who reads this who is divorced, I'm sorry.  I don't mean anything personal.  I have never walked in those shoes before, and I know that every situation is unique. 
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I have been in one..  and it was the scariest moment ever!  I was cruisin along the road, on my way to work.  I was 19 at the time.  I just completely rammed into the car in front of me!  And it happend SO FAST.  One moment, I was jammin to my radio, and the next, it took me a while to realize that it was the air bag that pounded me in the face.  Thankfully, I was ok.  But it sure makes you think and realize how quickly it can happen... what scares me more is other people.  My little brother, who is a fairly new driver.  My future children..  I still can't believe how calm my dad was when I was learning how to drive.. because I was never a good driver when I was 16!


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