I have a few friends (aziasaidwhat and Who what where when why?) that have been answering thirty random questions about themselves, and I am deciding to try it myself..  It seems to be a good way for me to start off my blogging.  However, looking at the list of questions, there is definately a few that I am nervous about. 

Anyways, here we go!

The first question is...
Twenty random facts about myself!
1.  I am engaged!  I have been with my fiance for about 5 years, lived with him for 4, and been engaged for 1!  He is wonderful.  We are very different in ways, but have learned that we tend to compliment each other with our differences.  I am very much in love with him and can't wait to be old and gray, sippin' iced tea on our porch swing together!
2.  We have a dog.  His name is Rocko and he is a boston terrier.  He is absolutely the most well behaved little nugget you'll ever meet.  As well as the most handsome.  The thought of ever being without him breaks my heart!  But I won't think about that right now.. Moving on!
3.  When time and finances allow it, I love traveling!  My list is endless, of course..  I have been to a few spots in Mexico, and also to Greece and Turkey!  For our honeymoon, we are headed back to Europe!  This time, Amsterdam and Italy.  I CANNOT WAIT!
4.  I need coffee. Every morning.  Strong.  Otherwise, my day just won't go right.
5.  Sometimes, Chase tries to trick my by folding mismatched socks together.  But I get very upset with him, because i'm convinced that when he does this, I walk funny. 
6.  I have seen a "ghost" or spirit, or whatever you want to interpret that as..  And it was scary!  I am completely fascianted with the after life..  but once I saw it myself, I don't want to again.  It was a moment i'd never take back, will never forget, and would never want to relive.
7.  I love doing crafts!  Unfortanately, time hasn't allowed for me to get creative on that side of things lately, but soon it'll come back, and my pinterest board is FULL of awesome ideas!
8.  On that note, I love thrifting!  I believe that the fun of getting a new house or space is the potential it has, and the creativity to make it your own.  I have found some unique items at the thrift store that has made our home the way it is, and SOME of these items, i'll never take back.  (But many probably will go back to the store they came from someday.. )
10.  I love all of my girlfriends.  One of my favorite past times is getting together for a happy hour or brunch just to catch up!  It's so hard to keep in touch these days with everyone's busy schedules..  But it's important to also. 
11.  I love doing yoga!  And really, any class of the sorts that pushes me.  However, I haven't always been a physical person, and am absolutely not a competitive person.  Never have been.  That's why these practices seem to fit my lifestyle. 
12.  Reading has become a hobby of mine.  It hasn't always been.. I didn't read much in high school.. or after.  Until a few years ago.  And I still don't read nearly as much as some.  I find it hard to find time in the day to sit down for a while to do so!  But when I do, it's great.  And lately, I've been making more time in my schedule for it!
13.  If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it'd be chicken fajitas.  No onions.
14.  I'm a bit of a wine-o.  We all have our vices, right?
15.  I always cry at weddings, but i'm convinced that I won't at my own.  Too much pressure!
16.  I'm scared to death of it.  Not of the marriage, not of the reception, but of the initial act of the music begining and everyone stands up to turn around and stare at me.  Deathly afraid of this moment.  More to come on that in 6 weeks!
17.  I grew up going to parties on farms.  Looking back on it now, it's sort of silly.  But it was fun. 
18.  My first car was a Ford Tempo.  It was hilarious. 
19.  If I had to pick a favorite color, I'd say it's purple..  It's the color of my bridesmaid dresses also.  It was my favorite when I a was a little girl, too.  But really, it depends on the day, the season, and what exactly the color is on. 
20.  My middle name is... wait for it........... CHRISTINA!

Ha!  Could you tell I was just trying to get this over with?  It was fun.. but more challenging than I thought it would be!  I started struggling once I finished three!  Hope you enjoyed :)


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