"I ain't got nowhere to go."  These are famous words from my Grandpa Herb that can mean anything from "pass the ketchup" to "what happened during the baseball game?".  Years ago, he suffered from a stroke.  The left side of his body is paralyzed, and now there are only a few select things he can say. 

This is my first blog.  I haven't blogged before, but had been thinking about it often as I read others.  I have no idea what this will be about.  Some days it'l lbe about healthy living, other days traveling, hopes, inpirations, crafts, wedding stuff, being married, and maybe someday about raising children. 

What has stopped me from starting this blog is the name!  The contents of it will be so random, I couldn't possibly pick a title that would represent only a portion.  Wednesday night, I was taking care of my cousin and my Grandpa, when he said his famous phrase, and after a few guesses, I realized he needed a napkin. Completely random. 

That is how I named my blog.  So enjoy, as I begin my blogging adventure!
I truly have no idea where this will go.   Hence, "I ain't got nowhere to go".


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