Ok, ok..  so I am absolutely not the healthiest person I know.  But I do try.  And by try, I mean I eat low carbs, lots of veggies, and don't drink any soda. Ever.  And I can't remember the last time I ate fast food.  However, I love to indulge in the occasional steak, a great big sub from jimmy johns, or a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream on top... Ahhh.  But what shocks me is some people's daily eating habits!

I am a server part time and a nice lakeside restaurant that features steak and fish.  Friday night, I was serving a family (that was obviously out for a "special occasion" given it was Easter, and you could just tell they don't go out much) and a few of the men were drinking diet-colas.  They each had a few..  but one of those guys..  man!  He had me running around like crazy refilling those beverages for him.  It seemed as though every time I turned around, all he had in his glass was ice!  Eventually, I just offered him a water, and he accepted.  That is one habit that absolutely disgusts me..  people who think since it's "Diet" it's healthy.  It's syrup!  Whether it has real sugar, or fake sugar, the fact is it comes from a bag of syrup mixed with soda water.  It's not good to drink 6 in a sitting!

A little later this evening, I served a mother and her son.  He was probably about 14 or so.  They decided to share some mussels to start, then had a NY strip, and scallops!  Sounds good, right?  When they were finished, and each had some left on their plate, I offered to box it up.  She looked at me and said, "Oh, that would be great.  You can just box the meats and potatoes though."  Beautiful, nutritious, bright green and untouched asparagus and broccoli I had to just toss into the garbage. People need vegetables!  In fact, our plates are supposed to look like this:
I know.. it's not easy.  And I am surely guilty of not doing this myself.  Frequently..  But I do get some vegetables in every day.  When you don't include plant products in your daily eating habits, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients, some that are exclusively found in vegetables! 

Sometimes, I just want to sit down with my table, get them a water, and a little lesson.  But I can't.  So I just smile politely, and nod my head.


  1. First off- YAY!! Blogging!! I am so happy! If you want to do a guest post ever on my blog and try to gain a few more followers- I'd love it! Let me know!

    Secondly- The diet pop KILLS ME! There is literally a guy at Pub called "Diet Coke Guy"- everyone just brings him a pitcher. It's fucking GROSS!

    1. Oh boy.. i'm not sure if i'm ready for more followers yet. Thanks though! I'll definately keep it in mind.. It is fun! Like I said in my first blog, I've wanted to start one for a while, and probably should have a a long time ago.. but I couldn't come up with a name! The name is still a little silly, but oh well!

  2. Diet sodas - one of my guilty pleasures still, usually one per week - but several at one sitting is JUST NASTY!!! Love health and wellness posts. Thanks for sharing :)


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