We cheated a little on our date night again..  For some reason with this season it's just so hard!  The option we drew was $20 Casino night.. and that just didn't sound appealing to either of us at all.  I should probably just take it out of the jar, since neither of us are much of gamblers and can't seem to fathom just wasting money away at the casino..  Especially, since we're trying to save money.

Anyways.. Instead, we decided to head down to the small town of Carver, which is where I grew up, and do a little 3 mile hike around the river!  It was tons of fun.  It was chilly, and brought back TONS of memories from me growing up.  Rocko was having such a blast chasing squirrels and we just had a good time talking and enjoying the evening.  The river is so low right now!  Afterwards, we stopped and saw my mom and little brother for a little bit.  She was so excited and surprised to see us! Then we fell asleep on the couch watching 300.

I think walks are one of my favorite things to do with Chase.  It's the best time for talking.. just about anything that comes to mind.. and getting some fresh air and some exercise together too.  Win-win!

Moving right along..  My dear friend over at Mama's Got A Big Belly is making monthly goals and asking what ours are..  so I decided i'm going to start my own too.  This isn't a healthy living or exercise blog, and not all of my goals will be, but those are things that I try to practice anyways, so here we go:

*No Meat Wednesdays.  I will never be a vegetarian, I just know that about myself..  and I Love meat.  But I can do one day a week, right?
*Yoga at least twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays ideally)
*Hit the gym twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays)
*Try three new recipes.  Not sure what they are yet..  but it's a good goal for me so I get more comfortable in the kitchen!
*DO NOT PICK UP A SINGLE CIGARETTE  This is my first time admitting this here, but I am a smoker :(  GROSS-I know.  I have been trying to quit since I became engaged, and have done well on and off.. but the summer got a little bit difficult.  I'm now about a week strong and doing well.. and I just can't pick one up!  Not even a little, not ever!
*Be approved for a mortgage.. and maybe even put an offer in on a house we've had our eyes on :)  We keep talking about it, but our stuff is a little unorganized..  but we could get it done by next week!  So exciting!
*Make PJ pants for my cousins for the holidays.
*Read two books: Gone Girl and The Other Side of Midnight

There you have it!  I think it's good practice to set goals for yourself..  I'm excited to start achieving them!


  1. Good call on getting out and about instead of being inside a casino! Pretty soon it's going to be way too cold to go outside! We went for a walk last night too-- we saw NINE deer and 3 flocks of geese! I *love* this time of year! Also- your goals just made my day! Good luck on the mortgage ;)

  2. Yay! For the goals! I should really start myself! I have been writing and reading quite a bit. I'm so happy for you two!

  3. Anonymous10/31/2012

    Good luck with quitting smoking...I hope you have success!

    I am a vegetarian for three or four days of the week. I really like it because there are many quick and/or cheap vegetarian recipes.


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