Chase and I LOVE the Ren Fest!  So last week, we decided to have that be our date night.  I found some cheap tickets from a coworker, so we went last Sunday afternoon.  It's a little spendy to get in to the Ren Fest, but honestly, once your in you COULD get by without spending a penny!  There is tons of free entertainment and it is by far the best people watching ever..  so, we just hung out, ate some food, people watched, and and walked around.  We watched a game where you throw tomatoes at this guy, and he just sits there and insults you the whole time!  It was hilarious.  Chase also played a game where he threw different axes.  He said that was really fun! 

Now, it's Sunday again, and I'm super excited to see what we pull for this weeks date! 

Also, last week I did another project which was making a cute and inexpensive chalkboard. 

First, I found this at a thrift store:

I took the glass out and sprayed about three layers of chalkboard paint..  (You can find chalkboard paint anywhere these days!  I found mine at Ace Hardware.)

Then I did the same painting technique I've done before..  I painted it this mustard color first.  Then painted it red all over.  I sanded down the edges pretty well and covered it in stain. 

Now look!  I LOVE it!  And it was so inexpensive and FUN!


  1. it looks awesome! come to new ulm and have a sleepover and we can craft and bake healthy snacks mmmmmkay!

    1. Let me know when! That sounds like tons of fun :)


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