Hey Y'all!  I just wanted to introduce my dear friends to my "step" mom.. (We aren't a fan of the title, but it is what it is.)  Her name is Peggy and her and my dad are going to save the world!

Ok, maybe not..  but they sure are contributing! 

They have an online store called Ourgreenhome.co where they sell all sorts of eco friendly products, energy saving items for the home, and even some free recipes for household cleaning products!
She has also begun making some of the products, like the soy candles, at her very own house, reusing containers and adding amazing fragrances..  They would make some great Holiday gifts (wink, wink).  They even just got new Holiday wrapping paper printed in the US on 90% recycled paper!
Peggy just started blogging a little bit as well, and you can follow her here.
They certainly are doing their part to make our world a better place, and they have loads of ideas on how YOU can help!  So check it out..


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