So..  last week, my coworkers and I bought a Groupon for a Mosaic class!  And let me tell you.. it was a blast!  We started with a Happy Hour at Psycho Suzies in Minneapolis..  Then, we headed to our class.
We were instructed to grab a bowl full of scrap tiles, and we can cut them as we need to.  The girls I went with did some amazing jobs!
My finished product before Grouting

First, we laid the tiles on a mock frame, then smeared the glue past on our real ones.  Then we transferred the tiles from one to the other as best as we could..  You have to let the glue dry over night (24 hours is suggested) before you can grout, so the instructor gave us each a bag of grout and showed us a tutorial so we could just do it at home.

Finished Product!

  I thought grouting was tons of fun!  You can keep it all on the ziplock bag, and just add water!  Just add a little at a time and mix it up until it has a peanut butter texture.  Then, you literally just smear it all over!  Make sure to get it good into the crevices and the sides.  Once you got most of it covered, you'll have to clean it up a bit..  start with a wet cloth and just start lightly brushing the top layer off to show your tiles, and to make it all even.  Thank goodness Chase was around to help me out..  he has experience from tiling floors!  He took a toothpick and traced around some of the bigger pieces to accentuate the tile edges.

Once we finished cleaning it up, I left it in the garage to dry overnight again, and BOOM!  A cheap Ikea mirror turned AWESOME!
Realistically, it's pretty "beginer".  I think there were some parts where the space was too big, and I should have filled it with more tiles.  I also think that I lost some tiles underneath some grout that I didn't find.  But, now I know better for next time, and i'm still pretty happy with it!

On a side note, I am super sore today!  I'm pretty good about doing something physical everyday, but lately I've really been getting back into it.  I started going to the gym again (I don't really go during summer time) and I always try to do my yoga video at least once a week..  I have Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, and let me tell you, it'll whoop your butt if you're body isn't used to that kind of thing!  Last night, for some reason I felt confident enough to do level two.  Level two has some more advanced power poses, and she adds movement to make it more dynamic and fat burning.  I strongly suggest this DVD!  It's only $10 at Target.  It's perfect for when you need to get a little activity in your day and you aren't really feeling like leaving your house.  And it's only a 30 minute video!  What do you have to lose?

P.s. Chase and I chose to skip our date night this week due to the Mosaic class, and he hasn't been feeling too well.. hopefully next week we'll do something extra fun to make up for it!

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  1. The Mosaics are so pretty. What a fun girls night out! I don't think I've ever done yoga, but I love Jillian, so I'll have to find that dvd!


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