So, after a few weeks of slacking, we drew a date night for this week..  We actually drew live music, which is so much fun!  But I have to be honest, we totally cheated it.  I was planning on going to Uptown to some dive bar and check out a fun jam band or something..  But, we had a meeting with someone after work, and by the time we were done with that, we just weren't up for it..  So instead, we went to a nice little wine and coffee bar near our house, where they had a couple of guys in a blues band!  It was SO much fun.  Good food, good wine, fun atmosphere, and great music!  These guys were jammin' out!

 And it's a cozy little place..  it was nice for us to just sit and talk about random things that came to our minds.  Sometimes, it seems like we don't do that as much anymore.  We're talking about money a lot, or future plans..  things that we need to do, obligations, and struggles.  It was nice to just sit one on one in the corner of a cozy bar with some wine and just be with each other.  It's so important to find times to recognize that..  I'm sure most couples do, but it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and let those times pass..

We haven't been very good at keeping up with our date nights lately..  Something about the weather..  We've both been a little bit sick, and would rather just stay in and snuggle on the couch!  The important thing is that we've still been making a point to spend those evenings together, even if they are on the couch.  BUT, the point of the jar is to get out of the house!  I figure, if we need to miss a week sometimes, it's ok, but to still make an effort to spending quality time with each other.  

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  1. I love that you draw date nights! What a cute idea! The wine and coffee bar sounds sooo nice. I agree, it's so important to just talk about 'regular' things, it's too easy to get caught up in life and forget about what's really important!


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