I hope everyone's weekends went well!  Mine was good.. and BUSY!
Friday night we met with our Realtor and may have found The House!  It's on a beautiful lot tucked into the heart of Minnetonka.  It's a little more than we were hoping to be spending though..  We will see.  Right now, just the house shopping experience is so wonderful!  We really *LOVE* our Realtor.  He's so informative, honest, very generous.. which is just a nice plus.  He took us out for another very nice dinner!  And he told us about the awesome House Warming Parties he throws!  I'm pretty excited about that.. So, if there is anyone in the Minneapolis area looking to buy or sell a house soon, let me know!  He's great.

Saturday, I worked, and finished my pallet wine rack!  Everyone has seen them all over Pinterest.. but, I finally finished one, and I think its' going to look awesome.  I'll post about that soon!

Later on Saturday, we went to a friend's annual Thanksgiving Party.  And we ATE.  Tons and Tons of food.. pumpkin bars, apple pie, deep fried turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, artichoke dip...  you name it!  We had so much food.  On top of that, I ate SO TERRIBLY all last week.  I gave into every craving and stuffed myself full.  I am very disappointed in myself!  And so, today begins a new week and I am going to be a health nut and just fill up on lean meats and vegetables... which got me thinking about how to make this Thanksgiving a healthier one.  Am I going to have a slice of pie?  Yes.  But I would like to incorporate as many fun and healthy side dishes as possible this year.  If anyone has any recipes, please share!  I would love some ideas on how to make Thanksgiving a bit leaner.   

In other news, I will be doing a give away soon!  I'm looking for more FOLLOWERS!  So please, add me to your list!  I'm teaming up with Our Green Home and going to start giving away some fun, eco-friendly items!  Stay Tuned!


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