I was going to post this after Halloween, but didn't get around to it.  In light of election season, Chase and I decided to go for an American theme for our costumes.. so we were the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam!  It was pretty fun!

Chase and I do not agree on every aspect of politics, by any means.  He comes from a very republican family, and I come from a very democratic family.  I think we have both brought each other a little closer to the middle on certain issues though.  He has definitely shed some light on certain issues, and I know I've molded the way that he thinks on certain things as well.  Most importantly, we respect each other's opinions. Needless to say, election night was interesting.  Since it was on our Tuesday night date night, we chose to make the best of it!  We made some pizza, played cards, and just camped out in our living room for the evening.  It was fun.. for the most part.  But once they declared Obama for re-election, it brought us into some debating.  Like I said before though, at the end of the night, we respect each other's opinions and won't let that interfere with our relationship.

One more note about politics...  Facebook is SO ANNOYING!   I've really realized what IDIOTS some people that i'm simply acquainted with are... and not because they think differently politically than I do, but because some comments are so ignorant and disrespectful!   Whether you voted for our President or not, he is our PRESIDENT. Come on-Show some respect!

Moving on..

Our date nights haven't been going as planned..  We haven't been drawing an option out of our jar.  The truth is, we're trying to catch up financially and buy a house, and because it's getting cold out and it's in between seasons, a lot of the options are out of the question.  That leaves spendy dinners, bowling, museums, the zoo..  everything turns out to be so expensive!  We will still draw some sometimes.. and soon, hopefully.  We will still spend every Tuesday night together (unless we have to rearrange it for another night for some reason), but our evenings might just consist more of cooking dinner together and going on walks..  which is completely fine with me!


  1. I hear that on Facebook. Seriously-- I couldn't believe how many "I'm moving to Canada/Europe" status updates there were-- it's like HEY, MORONS-- they've got "Obamacare" over their too. I hate when people open their mouths but have nothing to say! Love your costumes- such a cute idea!

    1. I know! Or I love "Omg, mid as well go on welfare now.." and the person who said it WAS on welfare for years! WTF? Morons.

    2. no freaking way bahahahhaha


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