Last night Chase and I met with our Realtor for the first time!  He took us out to eat at Wildfire Seafood and Steaks, and it was delicious!  However..

--My first "No meat Wednesday" was cheated a little bit.. I was really going to try to just get a salad, but instead opted for Salmon...  Do you think that's bad?  Should I consider Salmon a meat?  Either way it was amazing.. and i'll just try better next week.

Anyways..  house hunting is ON!  We'll go look at a few next Tuesday, and I can't wait!  Our Realtor (Daniel is his name) seems to be very good at his job and was great at explaining some stuff to Chase and I.  Being first time home buyers, there's a LOT to know.  Since house hunting seems to start falling on Tuesdays, we're just going to start having Date Nights with Daniel for a little bit.. Haha!  They are FREE! :)

I'll stay updated on the house hunting.  I'm sure it will be quite the experience!

Plans for the weekend: I'm just going to clean and organize my house a bit, work out, and read.  Oh and Sunday is Rocko's 4th Birthday..  so we're meeting some four legged friends at the dog park to celebrate!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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