I must say, I haven't had the inspiration, time or energy to post any blogs!  Nor have I been doing any thing too cool to share..  But I thought i'd check in and update on some things going on!

Chase and I have our inspection today during my lunch hour!  I can't wait.  I'm obsessed and can't stop thinking about where i'm going to put things, what i'm going to paint the walls, how we're going to remodel the kitchen, my organic veggie garden this summer, my housewarming party guest list..  and BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!  I'm full of ideas and anxious to get going on them!  We'll be closing NEXT WEEK!  We are hoping to start remodeling our kitchen before we move in.


We are insanely busy without the house!

Chase's Grandpa owns a chalet in the Upper Peninsula, MI, so 9 of us are going up this weekend for a fun ski weekend for my birthday!
We'll be home Sunday...
Monday is my birthday!
We should be starting to pack up the house next week as well.
Then we close on Thursday!
That Saturday we have to cruise out to Madison for my sister-in-law's baby shower!
The following week we'll [hopefully] start remodeling the kitchen.
After that, we'll really have to start moving in!
Because then, we're off to Mexico on Feb. 21st!!!
Plus, i'm working two jobs at the moment.. so i'm already busy!

Crazy, crazy month ahead!  Wish me luck!  It's a good thing that I love being busy!!!

I'll update after our fun winter getaway to Michigan!  Let's hope no one gets hurt! :-/


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