Ahhhh my days have just been CRAZY busy lately!  We closed on our house, got all packed up, and moved ALL this weekend!  It's pretty unreal, because we seriously have SO MUCH STUFF!  But, my husband was determined and proactive at it!  We didn't think we'd move all in one weekend, but we didn't stop!  So now, we are just working on getting settled, putting things where we want them, and figuring out what we need.  I forgot how much work moving is.

That being said, I unfortunately couldn't make it to my sister in law's baby shower.  I felt awful, because we don't get the opportunity to see them very often as it is, and it's a really special time for them.
So, I knew that I wanted to do something a little special.  Chase's mom had told me that the theme to the nursery would be Classic Cars..  So... I got online and found this on Etsy!

I got it personalized so it says Brayden's Garage and his name on a license plate, too!  I thought it was pretty cute, and not too "baby-ish" so hopefully he'll like it for a while.  Hopefully, we'll be able to go and see him as soon as he makes his debut into this crazy world.

I'm going to try to keep blogging more..  Lots of projects on the way i'm sure i'll be anxious to share!

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  1. Ashley! That is freaking cool!!!!! They will love it :)

    Also-- let us know when you are all unpacked and me and the fam will come up and sleep over :) hehe


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