I leave for Mexico in 6 DAYS!  I can't wait..  living in Minnesota, this is the perfect time to leave.. After the holidays, the winter is starting to get way too long..  We'll be down there for 11 days!  We leave Thursday, and then Sunday my BFF and her boyfriend will be flying in, and we'll be able to introduce them to beautiful Zihuatanejo!  I will try to post a few times while I'm down there, but we'll see..

I've been having a crazy week.. We had my family over for dinner on Tuesday, and Monday we actually found out that one of our very best friends suffered a stroke.  He's only 28!  Yesterday, for Valentines day we went and saw him and I brought him some pictures and gave him a hug.  He's actually doing incredibly well, and in just three days he's been able to start speaking again and even doing some walking!  He says he plans on being out at his fish house by next weekend.. Haha, that might be pushing it, but at the rate he's going, I don't see why he couldn't!

Chase and I then went out for Sushi for Valentines day.  He hates that holiday.. it's a Hallmark Holiday, and I agree, although I still like to do a little something for it..

With all of that going on, as well as still putting our house together, I haven't had much time at all to get to the gym or really work out.  I've been trying to do my yoga video when I can, but even that has been hard to find time to do!

So, with only 6 days ahead of me..  Here's the rules i'm following to tone up a little before we leave:

*Work out in some way EVERY DAY (preferably, an hour at the gym or a video)

*When I can't find time to set aside to do a video or go to the gym:
            -Do a 15 minute routine:
                           *30 jumping jacks
                           *15 wall climbers
                           *10 Chaturanga pushups
                           *15 Goddess squats
                           *30 second plank
-----------------------Repeat 3x----------------------------------

               -Walk stairs.  At my work, we have a back staircase that my coworkers and I use every day.  About 4x a day i'll take 5 minutes to go in there and run, walk, or lunge up and down.

               -YOUTUBE.  It's SO EASY!  There are so many free videos out there that can help guide you through a quick or long work out.  You have 15 minutes?  Search 15 minute kickboxing routine.. or whatever your preference may be.  There's a gazillion.

*Along with exercise, I really need to focus on my eating..  Again, I always eat generally well, but this week people have been bringing in all sorts of treats for Valentines Day.. and I need to be stronger at resisting!  So...

               -No Junk Food!  (My main concern, Lazy Sunday Pizza... Must avoid!)
               -No added salt
               -No Beer
               -No eating after 8
               -No Sweets!
               -Eating any heavy carbs only in the morning.
               -Loading up on VEGGIES!
               -Drink lots of water!  You should drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water each day!

It's all pretty reasonable and obvious.  I just need to get a bit stricter with myself and focus on my fitness.

Here is the view from our Condo:

Playa La Madera
I can't wait!


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