Not going to lie.. I haven't had a lot of motivation or inspiration lately, and it's REALLY been bothering me!  --I'm all "Where are you, creativity!?!"

So this weekend, I was bored.  Chase was racing, friends were working..  blah blah.  So I took Rocko to the dog park so we could both run a few laps and get some exercise.. afterwards, I did more exercises at home (yoga, core, and some arm work) and then I felt wonderful and motivated!
The happy endorphins you get from working out is just amazing, isn't it?!

Anywho..  So after that, I decided to head to Michael's for some inspiration.. plus, I needed a few things for some projects i'm doing for this wedding shower this weekend.

I bought some stuff to make a sign for the Bride and Groom to be (more to come on that later!) and while I was at it, I made a little one for our front door for some "curb appeal".  It's nothing too exciting, but I think it's cute!

I just bought these simple pieces from Michael's, and painted them!  

BaddaBing BaddaBOOM!  A little pop of color for my front steps.

Afterwards, Rocko and I met some friends on the lake for a little relaxation.
Just livin' the dream.

Sunday, I met my girlfriend and we went paddle boarding through Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, to Cedar Lake and back!  I've never paddle boarded on Calhoun, but it was really fun and beautiful!  Highly Recommended.  



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