Jeez Louise!  It's been a while since I've had a chance to touch base on here at all..  the past few weeks we've just been busy with yard work, wedding events, and simply living.

A few weeks ago we were at some good friend's wedding at the Van Dusen Mansion in Minneapolis.  It was BEAUTIFUL! It was such a fun night.

in love with this little boy!
Over labor day weekend, we went to Chase's dad's house for some family time.  I was able to finally spend some time with our new handsome little nephew, Brayden.  He is SO precious!  Not going to lie, a little part of me was a little baby crazy..  HOWEVER, let me vent a little bit about the scenario.  Chase's younger brother (who's my age) married a beautiful young girl who just graduated high school.  Because that's what you do..  you graduate High School, find a nice Christian boy to take care of you, get married, and have some babies.  Right??  No need for any life experiences, education, traveling..  who needs that when all you need is a nice boy to take care of you?!  This is the mindset of my sister in-law.  Now, I want to be clear that I mean no offense for anyone who desires this.  Or desires this for their children.  It simply isn't for me..  So meanwhile, Chase's parents won't STOP asking when we're going to have babies!!!  It's constant "You've been married for a year now, where are the babies!??  We want grandchildren!"  I finally looked at my father in-law and said "I'm not getting old!  I'm ONLY 27!  We've ONLY been married a year!  It's going to happen eventually!"  We're still enjoying ourselves!  My eggs aren't going to go bad..  people don't have kids these days until 35 or 40.. or even later in life!  We are in NO way off track, in my eyes.  We will have children.  Maybe sooner than later, maybe not.  But I really hate the pressure they're putting on us just because the younger sibs had a baby.

Whew.. that was so not the point of this blog!  Just a little side vent, I suppose!

Anyways..  last weekend we had bachelore/bachelorette parties!  And it was such a blast..  The girls did a Happy Hour boat cruise on the Mississippi through Minneapolis, then went back to a friends house for some games, then went out to the bars in Northeast Minneapolis.  It was a good time!

The boys did a Salmon Fishing excursion in Milwakee.  They caught SO MUCH FISH!

Check out these Gigantic Fillets!

We seriously have enough fish to last us for MONTHS!  And in case I haven't mentioned it before, I absolutely LOVE salmon.  We try to eat it twice a week, although that gets hard because it gets spendy since you want to make sure to always buy wild caught so it's not genetically modified or contain added hormones.  

Salmon is just so good for you..  It's so high in Omega-3 fatty acids,   which is so good for your skin, hair, nails, heart..  it's all around fantastic!  Plus it's very lean, and low in mercury.  I've read a number of places that it's recommended to eat 4-6 servings a week!  Needless to say, I'm super pumped about the bachelor party Chase attended last weekend..  I don't think I've ever said that before! :)

Chase and I try to eat well together for the most part.. It's just interesting how when you really adjust your lifestyle, it's not so easy to go back!  Not that I would want to..  but for example, we went to the State fair a few weeks ago..  in which, we both tried to be like "Free pass!  Eat whatever your heart desires!"  But honestly, our hearts didn't desire any of it.  We both tried a corn dog..  and I was completely repulsed!  I ended up having a chicken flat bread sandwich with spinach and cucumbers, and Chase had a fresh pineapple smoothie..  that is NOT fair food!  Haha.  We did however splurge on some cookies.. sweets are definitely my weakness! 

This coming weekend is a race weekend.  That is another example of when it gets a little tricky to eat whole, healthy foods.  Any type of camping or being on the road can limit options a little bit.  I was thinking about grilling up some chicken and shrimp kabobs, and maybe doing some organic chicken and apple brats for lunch... and lots of veggies and hummus!  Any other recommendations?

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  1. sweets forever and always xoxoxoxoxoxox COOKIES COOKIES


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