Well, it's started-- Holiday parties, which I LOVE!  This last weekend we had an annual Friendsgiving over at one of my bestie's house.  They deep fry a turkey, make stuffing, potatoes, corn.. the whole works!  
So I decided to try Kimchi Deviled Eggs for an appetizer!

In Korea, instead of saying "Cheese!" when posing for a picture, they say "Kimchi!"

Kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage, really similar to sauerkraut.  It's packed full of probiotics that are said to help balance the bacteria in the digestive tract.  It's also high in Vitamin A & C, as well as antioxidants!  This low calorie, vegetable based condiment adds a nice kick to many meals!  We've been having it on scrambled eggs, stir fry, and now I tried it with Deviled eggs for the first time, and everyone loved it!

All I did was boil a dozen eggs.
I threw a large spoonful of Kimchi in the food processor and chopped it up.
Then I added the yokes and about a 1/2 cup of Dijon Mustard.  

>>little trick<<
Instead of spooning the filling back into the eggs (which gets so messy!) I did something similar to what you would do when decorating a cake..
I spooned the filling into a plastic zip lock bag and snipped the corner!  MUCH cleaner!

I topped them off with some chili powder, and a small green pepper slice for a garnish.  

I was trying to make them look like pumpkins, like I saw somewhere on pinterest, but it was a miserable fail.  Haha!
Either way, they were delish!  And such a great snack to bring to holiday parties!


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