So, I have to be honest..  2013 is going to be pretty hard to beat for me!  I traveled to Mexico and Thailand, bought a new house, and made a ton of great memories with friends and family!  But I came up with a little list of "resolutions" or improvements for the next year, and I'm pretty excited about it!  

14 Improvements for 2014
Take more pictures
Learn to knit
Make a career change
Try new recipes
Go somewhere I've never been--I'm thinking South Carolina, but nothing official yet ;)
Paint my house
Each time I buy something, donate something.
Work out consistently!
Eat less sugar >so hard for me!<
Organize my house top to bottom!
Plant a garden.
Spend more time with family
Grow this blog. Somehow!

Is there anything I should add?  What's on your resolution list for ways to improve yourself this next year?

    Does anyone have any fun plans for New Years?
I actually have a fancy wedding to go to downtown.  It should be fun!  I love the idea of a New Years Wedding.. What a way to celebrate your anniversary every year!

I hope everyone gets to cheers to some Champs (unless your preggers, of course) and have a safe
New Years!
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