I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas week!

Ours was bittersweet.  If you remember, the name of this blog came from my dear sweet Grandpa.  You can read about that here.  Well, he has been getting tired.  Exhausted.  He's been ready for quite some time now..

Last week sometime, I had a dream that my family and I were all sitting around him, holding his hand and just feeling the love.  Then I turned around and my Grandma was there, too.  (She passed away about 6 years ago)  I could see her clear as day and even smell her.  It was so vivid.  She told me that she wanted to be with the family and invite him to come with her.  She also said that Heaven is very real, and that there are still Sundays. (side note: I have no clue what that would've meant?!  Chase says its' because it's the Sabbath, I think it's because it's my favorite day of the week, so maybe my subconscious just wanted to hear that, and my aunt seems to think it's her telling us to start going to church! haha).  Anyways, that was very interesting. I've had a few very intuitive dreams like that of people who have passed in my life.  I like it.  I like seeing their face, hearing their voice again.  It's magical!

 So, my family flew in from Seattle, and on Sunday we all went to my Grandpa's  assisted living apartment where he's been going through his hospice.  We all hung out and ate food. He knew we were all there, but was very weak and tired.  Slept most of the time.  We all started singing Christmas Carols and he tried singing along with us!  He was always in his church choir and just loves singing.  After his stroke, when he couldn't speak very well, he joined a choir for stroke victims, and everyone said that when he would sing you could hear him clear as day!  Isn't that neat?!

Anyways, the day was beautiful.  The following day I stopped by and saw him again after work.  At about 12:30 am on Christmas Eve he took his last breath with three of his kids there holding his hands.

Herbert Basil DeVaan

  • "I have many good memories of working with Herb at both..."
    - Denis Bertrand

DeVaan, Herbert Basil Loving husband, father, uncle, grandfather and friend, high tech executive, technician, farmer, lifelong Democrat, veteran, singer and tinkerer. Herb, age 81, of Minnetonka, passed away peacefully in the company of family. Herb was longtime member of the Chanhassen American Legion Post #580, The Chanhassen Civic Theater, The Minnetonka Clippers Chorus, St. Hubert's and St. Therese Catholic Parishes. Born in 1932, and raised in Graceville, MN, Herb gave up farming in 1958 to expand on his Navy training as radio technician. In 1960, moving his small family to Chanhassen he started with a burgeoning Control Data Corporation, where he expanded his interest in cutting edge computer technology. Herb became an executive with CDC and Control Systems selling power plant computer control systems around the world.

I'm must say, it's effecting me more than I thought it would.  I know he's in a better place.  He's able to walk, talk, sing and dance with my Grandma and his oldest son again.  I'm just going to miss him.

This whole chapter of our family has really made me realize how fortunate we are and what family is for.  In a way, my Grandpa brought everyone so much closer again.  After my Grandma passed away, we all had to work together to make things work, and we did!  He had some great times in the last 7 years since his stroke.  I'm so happy for all of the memories and time I've been able to have with him.

Hashtag #Blessed haha.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE:  The rest of my Christmas was wonderful.  I spent time with my mom, and brothers, dad, step sibs, reminisced about Thailand with one of them who did pretty much the same trip right after us, opened presents, ate food, and we were MERRY!

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  1. This blog gave me chills, I love hearing about other peoples dreams. So sorry to hear about your Grandpa.. he is definitely in a better place and finally at peace.

  2. Oh Ashley! I had no idea that he passed. What an insanely beautiful, intense story you will have to remember his last days though. That dream? Um, that is incredible. I am with your Aunt- church time :) haha But, I agree- Sunday's are my favorite too. And, to have been with family so much- and then to pass on with three of his children present? What a way to leave this planet. I don't think one ever gets over the loss of someone they love, but I hope you find peace. Thinking of you, miss you.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts/prayers! Miss you too!


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