So as I wrote before, I went down to Park City, Utah to see some of my best friends!  Chase was already down there with Rocko, and I flew in Friday.  Well, Cass and I decided not to got o Vegas after all.. which is fine.

So we spend the weekend just hanging out.. we went out to the bars on Mainstreet and had a ton of fun.  We got massages, and went swimming at the Geothermal Hot Spring Crater, which was pretty neat!

The day before I left, I decided since I'm in Park City, we should for sure go skiing at least one day!  I was a little nervous..  I've been going skiing once or twice the past few years, but for some reason it still makes me nervous every time.

Well, the day started out great, and Cassie and I did a few runs (easy ones, i'm not too adventurous!) One the fourth run, I fell.  Bad.  I hit some powder, and my skiis crossed, and  I somehow twisted my knee so badly.  I fell to the ground and felt all of the fluids rushing to my knee, and I knew I couldn't move it.  I had to wait for the emergency guys to come and strap me on a gurney thing, wrap me in a tarp, and ski me down the mountain.

Long story short, I fractured my tibial plateau.  After having to travel through the airport the next day through Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, I finally got home.  I had an appointment here where they explained the whole situation to me and what the surgery will consist of.  The surgeon said this is the worst he's ever seen!

I had about a week until surgery, and during that time I started getting an awful sharp pain in my calf.  When I told my doctor about it, she sent me to get an ultra sound, and sure enough, I have blood clots.  How scary!  I had to spend the two nights before surgery in the hospital, getting shots every morning and evening of blood thinners.  Also, getting blood drawn a few times a day, and vitals done constantly.  I've never been poked so much in my life!  It was just terrible.  And scary!  They explained to me how they don't like to do surgery one someone who has a blood clot.. or who is on blood thinners...  Ummm... ok?!?  They skipped a dose of it, and they seemed confident about it.  But I was nervous since they explained to me all the risks!  Well..  surgery went fine.  Thank goodness!  I had to stay one more night at the hospital before they'd let me go home.

It's been a week since surgery today.  I'm still in pain, I still have an awful time getting around my house.  It's just so much harder than you'd think!  I can't do anything for myself.. I'm so lucky my husband is so great with this kind of stuff and has been taking great care of me.  He gives me my shots still twice a day, makes me breakfast and gets me all ready for the day.  I spend the days in my basement, watching tv, reading, napping, and sometimes a friend will stop by.  I'm going crazy!  I'm so ready to have ENERGY back!

Ehh..  I keep telling myself, this is only temporary!  Many people have been through similar situations and come out of it perfectly fine!  Or, it could have been worse!  It could have been a lot worse.
But, sheesh!  It sure isn't fun, and I can't wait for this chapter to be over!!!

So this is why I've been MIA.  And why I might still be for a little while.  My inspiration has been pretty much drained.  I'll get it back though..
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  1. Just reading about it sounds painful! How long is typical recovery time?

    1. 6 weeks! I'm 1 down... miserable!

  2. Ow!!! :( That sounds horrible! Hang in there, it'll be over before you know it!


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