I had a great weekend!  Chase was actually out of town racing.  Typically, I would make it for the first race of the season.  But, with the little one it just seemed like it would be a lot of work and not quite warm enough to enjoy ourselves.  

So, Everly and I stayed home and did stuff around the house.  I hit up the farmers market, and got some veggie plants and fresh eggs.  I love getting our eggs from the farmers market!  Chase really wants us to get chickens, but I'm not sure how our neighbors would react to that! Hah!  Maybe someday. 

We also went to the Arboretum because they had a huge plant sale!  So I bought a ton, and more veggies.
I can't for all of my fresh veggies to grow!  I have tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, broccoli, and brussels spouts.  I also bought a raspberry shrub!  I'm so excited!

On Mother's Day, my dad actually offered to take Everly for the day, so I was able to get the garden planted and get a Mother's day massage!  It was lovely.  Then, I met up with my younger brother and mom and we went out for sushi.  

My dad and step mom actually surprised me with my FIRST painting from Everly and a handmade Everly Bookmark!  How cute is that?!

I forgot to share this quick little project I did:
This burlap banner was at the Target dollar spot for $3, so I thought I could have a little fun with it!  I painted Everly on it so that I can use it for decoration for her birthday party!  It isn't until September, but I'm always thinking ahead!  It was pretty fun, and it actually looks really cute hanging in her room right now.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  More to come soon!
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  1. Yay for fresh veggies. Your garden looks like it'll be filled with produce in the coming months. :]

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