It's been a while!  
Last week was awful for me!  Monday, I could feel myself starting to get sick, and of course Tuesday I woke up with a fever, as well as my daughter.  Let me tell you, when you're sick, it's no fun taking care of a sick baby, too! 
Anyways..  one thing that helped me find some relief was my favorite detox bath!  I looooove a good hot bath, and we have a nice deep tub with jets, and it feels so good! 
For my detox bath, I use:
2 cups of Epsom Salt
A Heaping spoonful of Coconut oil

Essential Oils- I usually use Lavender, and in this case I used Eucalyptus as well.
Epsom Salt is really key for detox baths.  
There's just sooo many benefits from it!
Epsom Salt Baths help to relieve sore muscles, heal cuts, colds, and congestion, and pulls toxins from the body.  It's good for your skin and your nervous system, and prevents blood clots.  
There's so much more information out there you can simply google, or check it out here.
Adding some Coconut Oil into the bath helps to moisturize the skin, and helps the essential oils disperse as well. Of course, I love lavender oil simply for the aroma as well as it's relaxing properties.  Eucalyptus oil is great for common colds and congestion!  
So there you have it.. I took a bath three days in a row last week and each one was amazing.  
I even gave Everly a mini detox bath for the same benefits, and it helped her sleep like a baby!
However, Thursday I had to get surgery on my knee again!  It wasn't too big of a deal.. I'm up and walking again.  But, I can't take a bath until the stitches heal.  Ah!  What a week it's been.  
More to come soon!


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