This is one of those things that we've always talked about doing, but have never really had the time, energy, or effort to do it. Well it's a good thing we drew that one out of our date night jar! We try to have our date nights on Tuesdays; because typically it's the night we are both free to dedicate to each other. So, I searched on the city pages, and found Hit or Miss Tuesdays at the Comedy Club at the Mall of America. It was so much fun! We had dinner, and watched about 10 amateur comics tell their jokes. Some of them were hilarious, and some terrible. The crowd was pretty female dominated, so lots of "guy jokes" didn't go over very well. But regardless, it was such a blast! And at only $7.00/person (not including drinks and food) it's a very cheap date! Afterwards we stopped at a place closer to our house for a glass of wine and just chatted. Chase was tired though, so I did most of the chatting! Typical! Have you ever been to a comedy club? Have one in your city? Have any new ideas for us to try for our date nights? I'd love to hear!


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