Well, I had a serious case of the Mondays today! And well deserved.. I had a fantastic weekend and was exhausted today. Friday, Chase took me out for Sushi! YUM! We met up with my brother and a few friends for a little bit, but then just went home and watched a movie. Saturday, we headed out to Wisconsin to camp with some friends I don't get to see nearly enough! The drive out there through the river valley was beautiful.
We put our tent right behind this tree in a very sandy area. It was nice! I was glad that Chase found a buddy to go fishing with because I had SO MUCH FUN catching up with these girls who used to be my best friends. When we all get together, it's as if nothing had changed! Those are the best friendships. The next morning was a little rough for me.. and I think for most of the crew. Once I started feeling better, Chase took me out for breakfast at Cowboy Jacks. Some good coffee perked me right up!
Later, we took the motorcycle out for a cruise. We drove through the lakes and met some friends at our favorite lakeside spot, Lord Fletchers. We went to another favorite spot afterwards, and then had a chilly ride home. It was great! Chase and I also drew our next date night so we're well prepared for Tuesday. This week, we are going to a comedy club! I have never been to one, and I think we will have a ton of fun together! I'm excited to write all about it! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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