Our date last night was FUN and FREE!  Those are the best!  We drove out to the Sculpture Garden and Conservatory.  Parking and admission are free.  The Sculpture Garden is probably most known for it's Spoonbridge and Cherry (built in 1985).  But there are many really neat spots and sights here!  First, we walked through Cowles Conservatory.   That was just so pretty and smelt amazing with all of the fresh and beautiful flowers.  Then we walked around the Spoonbridge & Cherry and scoped out some other spots.  There was one section that had a bunch of different wind chimes hung all around the trees and a woman was meditating in between a few sculptures.  I think what I loved the most about this date was how peaceful it was, even though it's in the heart of the city!   People come by after work or between classes and find a corner they can claim as theirs and sleep, study, practice yoga, meditate, or just hang out.  Anyways, we walked around a bit more and scoped out some other abstract pieces.  It was fun and different. 
Then we had to get home, because we had some steaks just waiting to be grilled!  So, while Chase was grilling, I was buying us tickets to Zihuatanejo, Mexico!  Zihua is a city on the Pacific side, pretty southern, near Ixtapa.  His family owns a condo there, so we try to go whenever we are able!  That is where we became engaged!  We aren't going for about 5 months.. but I can't wait. 
Overall, this weeks date night was fun, relaxing, and cheap!  Can't get better than that!


  1. I love the sculpture gardens <3 Also- I tagged you with the Liebster Blog award- directions are on azia said what? :)

  2. Hi! I tagged you too :) Check it out on my blog Who? What? When? Where? Why?


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