Yikes!  It's almost been a week since our date night already!  So, it's time to catch up!

Our date night last week was a blast!  We were able to bring Rocko along too which always is nice.  We went to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis!  Minnehaha Creek is a creek that runs from Lake Minnetonka in the western suburbs through more suburbs in Minneapolis, and then through South Minneapolis. That is where the creek joins with the Mississippi, and near there is the 53 foot Minnehaha Falls.  It was very beautiful to check out!  Sadly though, we haven't been getting any rain, and the falls were practially bone dry.

This is what they typically look like
This is what it is today.
 We walked around and checked them out from different angles.  There was some live blues music in the park, so that the atmosphere just perfect!  We continued to hike down the creek, all the way until it meets with the River.  It was just so nice and relaxing.  We let Rocko run aorund for a while, chasing squirrels.  I tried ot get a few pictures, but of course times like that they just never seem to capture what you want.  We walked back up and to the car. 

Then Chase took me out for sushi!  We looooove sushi.  We went to a place called Midori's Floating World Cafe!  I love the name.  The sushi was pretty good..  a little bit overpriced though. 

Tonight is actually our date night..  and given my last post that I jotted down while emotional at work today, I wasn't feeling like doing much.  But, the card we drew was craft night..  I am at the shop right now during an intermission, and I CAN'T WAIT to show it off when it's complete, because it will be awesome!

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