The Original
Honestly, I've been waiting for us to get this date night!  I've had this unique pallet I found rummaging through my mom's old barn..  (I ALWAYS find the strangest old things in my mom's garage and barn.. it's so fun!)  But, I have needed Chase's help for a few aspsects of it.  So when he pulled this out of the date night jar, I knew exactly what the project was!

First, we pulled out any nails that we were able to.  Chase had to saw off an edge that stuck out quite a bit.  Then we took out the grinder and grinded any nails that we weren't able to get out, and any other odd pieces.  Chase then examined the piece to find any pieces of wood that were loose and needed a few nails.. 

So he let me use the nail gun!  That was pretty fun. 
Once we got her all cleaned up, it was time to paint.  I did the first layer of it this poppy blue.  Everyone said "Wow.. that's blue.."  like it'd be too much.  But I had to reassure that it would only show a little after I was finished..  I couldn't finish the project that night, because we had to let the blue paint dry all the way.  So this weekend I finally found the time to finish it.  I painted it white all over, and then sanded it.  I chose not to sand the flat surfaces much..  just the edges really well.  Then I stained it.. left the stained on for a bit and wiped it all off.  It was hard wiping the stain off of this project!  I'm afraid some sections turned out darker than I had hoped.  But overall, I think it turned out great!  It'll look fantastic as a shelf above the guest bed!  And it was tons of fun having Chase help me do this for one of our date nights :)


  1. Pretty Neat!! I am proud of you and your tool skills :)

  2. I love this idea! And it looks *awesome!* Will you take some pics when you place it in your place? I'd love to see what you did with it!

    1. Yes, I will! I wanted to before I posted this but didn't have the chance.. soon!


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