Look at all that goodness!

This weekend Chase and I cleaned the whole house.. Granted, we live in a tiny little townhouse, but really deep cleaning everything takes a long time!  Then you start going through things.. and, you know how it goes..  But it felt SO good!  We even busted out some wedding gifts we haven't had the chance to try yet..  Like..  our AWESOME Ninja Blender!  So Chase decided to make us some smoothies!

We used:
A handful of organic frozen berries
About 1/2 c. of organic Greek yogurt
1 apple, sliced
A handful of organic spinach
some honey
splash of organic milk

We didn't add any protein powder for this one, but I certainly will in the future.  This is what it looked like when it was all blended:

Pretty Purple

It turned out Ah-mazing!  So   full of flavor!  I kept it in the fridge, and brought it to work today for my breakfast.  I think we'll start doing this MUCH more!


  1. yummmmmmmy! that looks fabulous!

  2. Saturday has become our cleaning-the-whole-apt day since we live like tornadoes during the week. It makes me feel so much better when it's all clean! :)

    Yum smoothies. I want one.

    1. We totally live like tornadoes too! It drives me nuts because I feel like I already have to re-clean it.. Oh well! It'll feel good.

      And the smoothie was GOOD, filling, and super healthy! I can't wait to make more!

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