I meant to do this on the first.. Oops!
I feel like I stretched my goals a bit for November and didn't make a lot of them.  It's good to set high goals, but so they are still achievable.. not that they weren't, but I am a very busy person so not all were do-able.

December Goals:

*Hit the gym 3x/week.  This SHOULDN'T BE SO HARD.  M,W, & F or Saturday morning..  it should be easy.  I need to make that a goal and achieve it.

*Read WILD and start an in between book... I seem to stick with one book a month, and I should really be able to read more than that.

*Save Money!  I'm starting a new job this month, so I would like to save $200 more than I typically do a month.

*Don't spend money on anything unnecessary for myself.  Sometimes I have to set this for myself.  It seems fitting for the month of December through the Holidays.  January it's my birthday, and I can treat myself then.

*Drink more TEA and less red wine and coffee!  Yes, some people could argue that I drink too much of both.  So I need to refrain and replace.

*Try three new recipes.  This is just always a good goal for me, because i'm not very savvy in the kitchen.  So I have to set those goals for myself to get more comfortable.  I already made one chicken and veggie dish in the crock pot.. so just two more!  That should be easy enough!

I think that's good for the month.  With the Holiday season, I chose not to do any crazy eating restrictions.  I just know I would set myself up to fail (No sweets.. yeah right.. people bring chocolate to my work every day and I just can't resist!)  But I figure hitting the gym 3x/week would even that out.

Hope you set your goals for December!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals! I find getting up early and hitting the gym before work works best for me. After work, I never seem to have time/motivation/desire.


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