2012 has really been an incredible year for me!  Chase and I have been so blessed and fortunate to have each other, and the families and opportunities that we've had this past year.  We spent a weekend in Utah, got hitched, traveled through parts of Europe, had a wonderful Minnesota summer, and Chase had a great race season!   The best part of it all is that we've been able to do it all with some amazing people in our lives!    I just can't stress enough how lucky I feel, even though sometimes I feel like "life is so unfair!" It's important to count your blessings!

Instead of Monthly Goals for January, i'm going to list out my goals for 2013.  They will probably be pretty simple, but like i always say, it's good to set goals!

*Continue to be a NON SMOKER!  I can't say I've been flawless on this continual goal, but I'm still pretty proud of myself.  It's a constant struggle, but I just can't quit quitting!
*Get in SHAPE.  Lose LBS and then stay stable.  This holiday season has really taken a toll on me!  Time to kick it into gear!
*Buy a house.  (hopefully sooner than later!)
*Get a promotion.  I've been in my current position for two years, and I'm feeling ready to move forward.
*My two trips: Mexico in February, and one more which is currently undecided..  either India or Morocco next November.
*Volunteer.  I meant to find an opportunity to do this over the holiday season, but time got away from me.  So my goal is to find some time to give back a little.  It doesn't need to be crazy, but something would be good.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!  HAPPY 2013!!!!



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