Saturday morning I did my first Barre class, and I'm seriously in love!  It's the Bee's Knees!

Starting your Saturday off with a structured workout that challenges you is the way to go.  

Barre uses a ballet barre and is a combo of ballet, pilates, and yoga. Although it isn't a cardio class, it does get your heart rate up, and seriously sculpts every inch of your body until your uncontrollably shaking.  

It's interesting to watch, because it looks like you aren't doing much of anything, but the tiny pulses are molding and strengthening every muscle.  

We'll be doing this class every Saturday for a while, and I have a feeling I'll be hooked! 
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  1. how coordinated to you have to be? it seems fun but I'm afraid I'd fall right over!

    1. No, it's not too hard at all! It's actually a fairly easy class to fake it till' you make it! I suppose you wouldn't want to try it preggo, but afterwards you should see if there's any classes in your area! I know it's fairly new, but they're popping up all over in Minneapolis now!


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