This post is a bit overdue, as I made this juice two weeks ago before Chase's softball practice.  But, I wanted to share it, nonetheless, because it's delicious, refreshing, and nutritious!

This concoction I threw together was sooo tasty!

As you can see, I used a whole grapefruit, two stems of kale, two kiwis (cut up but I kept the skin on), one lemon, and one cucumber.  It made enough juice for Chase and I to each have a healthy glass.  I honestly looooved this combination!

Grapefruit is delicious, and has lot of benefits!

  • It's obviously a citrus fruit, so it's high in Vitamin C, which is always good!  Vitamin C is actually essential for our bodies to produce healthy collagen..  which prevent wrinkles!

  • Grapefruit also speeds up metabolism and helps drop those extra pounds!  Can't go wrong there!

  • It helps to prevent and ease arthritis.  After my knee surgery, my Doc told me that I will for sure have arthritis in my knee at a young age.  That's so scary to me!  So any (natural) thing I can do to postpone/ease it, i'm on board.

  • Grapefruit also contains citrus limonoids which help prevent cancerous cells from forming.. that's HUGE!

  • It also helps to lower cholesterol.


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