Don't you just love those subscription boxes?  Or maybe you haven't started one because you don't know  what to expect.. I currently receive two, and I'm mildly obsessed!  It's so much fun to see what's inside!  Although sometimes it's hard to decide whether it's worth it or not.

I chose to start Citrus Lane mainly because I'm a new mom, and I thought it could help introduce me to new products that I didn't know about before for Everly's specific age.  Also, because it's just a fun surprise!  It makes checking the mailbox a little more exciting when there's more than junk mail and bills!

Here is what was in my May box:

Aditi Tank Bodysuit from Tea Collection- $16.50

5" Fish Playball- $9.99

Snack Container (2 Compartments) by Goodbyn- $3.99

  Detergent Samples by Vaska-(samples, no price)

Total worth: $30.48

(Subscription price is $29.00)

Is it worth it?  This month I'm not entirely sure.  I love it because it introduces me to new, great brands.  I love the bodysuit, and started browsing the Tea Collection's website for adorable summer outfits.  I also have never heard of Vaska before, which is a new "natural" and eco-friendly dish and laundry detergent brand.  I haven't tried the samples yet, but they do have great reviews!
The ball and the snack container I could do without.. I guess the ball is fun, and I'm sure she'll have fun with it.  And I suppose the snack container will be nice to have, and add to the collection!  They just weren't anything special, I guess.  

I'll definitely keep the subscription for now, and see how the next month goes!  
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  1. Love your honesty! It is so hard with these boxes because you never know what you're going to get! I do really dig the "Happy Mommy Box" though!


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